About us

”Viešvė”, JSC is a woodworking company founded in 2006 in Jurbarkas district, Viešvilė town near Karšuva forest and State Nature Reserve.

We offer:

  • Production of wooden and frame houses constructions;
  • Production of roof constructions;
  • Production of gazebos;
  • Production of carports;
  • Production and installation of terraces;
  • Production of roofs over the entrance door;
  • Other wooden products;
  • Production of bed bottoms and other furniture components;
  • Contractual trade glued laminated timber and work pieces

The company was certified by FSC® in 2011.

Our production is mainly made of northern spruce timber; we also work with pine, birch, and ash timber.

We cooperate with the time verified high quality suppliers of raw materials from Northern Russia, Scandinavia, Baltic States and Belarus.

We also work with heated spruce, pine and ash wood.

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