Glued wood

UAB Viešvė for industrial customers offers finger-jointed wood components and blanks for door, door frame or door moldings manufacturers. We use waterproof DIN EN 204, D4 or EPI glue in our production.
We are also offering readymade frame and molding profiles too.
Technical details
Thickness / Widths / Lengths: customer selectable
Wood species: Pine and spruce Moisture content: 8, 10, 12% ± 2% (customer selectable)
Processing: Planed, finger-jointed, laminated, module length cut
Surface: Planed, rough
Glued products: Edge or face glued products into L or block profiles
Strength class: N/A
Pine: 1–4 side clears, sound knot quality.
Spruce: customized knot requirements
Our possibilities:
Finger jointed elements:
Thickness: 18-150mm
Width: 30-150 mm
Length of lamellas: 160-1100 mm
Length of FJ component: 6050 mm

Edge glued elements:
Thickness: 40-140 mm
Width: 80-1100 mm
Length: up to 6000 mm

Laminated beams/posts:
Thickness: 40-230 mm
Width: 80-140 mm
Length: up to 6000 mm


viber image2 viber image1 viber image 95x95 spruce