During planning process, the wood is given precise dimensions and profile of required shape. Planed wood is used for construction and finishing elements in construction or for DIY products and in the furniture industry as well. Planning is performed by a fully automatic planning line. We produce up to 100 m3 of planed products per day.
  • Planed wood C24 quality class and similar for construction.
  • Decking boards.
  • Cladding. It’s also made to shape T&G with cut ends, which allows them to be joined to the desired length.
  • Furniture parts for upholstered furniture manufacturers
UAB Viešvė for industrial customers offers finger-jointed and laminated wood components and blanks for door, door frame or door molding manufacturers. We use waterproof DIN EN 204, D4 or EPI glue in our production.
We are also offering readymade frame and molding profiles too.