“Viešvė”, JSC produces frame houses and other wooden buildings in industrial way.

Structural design is carried out with the help of company Dietrichs_V13.04. The manufacturing process is carried out using automated Hundegger P10 machine, its working width is up to 260x400 mm and up to 14 meters length.

This way produced house is assembled much quicker and with more quality, because all the wooden structure material parts delivered to the construction site are numbered and produced exactly according to drawings made by our designers, which makes the installation of constructions easier and faster.

Because in the production only dried timber, and, if necessary, glued laminated timber is used, structures remain stable since the assemblage and “walking” of the timber is eliminated during the drying process when the building is already built.

We use calibrated wood, which gives aesthetic view to the frame and eases the process of further interior works, this way installed frame has all the measurements and additional “leveling of walls” is not necessary before doing interior decoration.

One more advantage is that the customer receives exactly as many parts as it is shown in the structural drawings of the house. After the installation of frame house the construction site remains clean, and there is no need to overpay for the wood parings left in the construction site when the frame house is built manually.

For home insulation we use environmentally friendly insulation materials of company STEICO.

Wood summer houses we manufacturing of profiled glued or solid wood beams, 43 mm, 70 mm or 120 mm thickness. o

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